Adoptable Pets

I'm so happy that you're interested in adding a pet to your family! Please look at all the very adoptable pets we have right now. If anyone catches your eye, send me an email at so we can talk more. 

The adoption process is very simple: Fill out the adoption application down below. It’ll only take 10 minutes of your time. Afterwards, we will contact you within 24 hours and set up a time to come meet the baby. At time of adoption, there will be a contract that you must sign stating that you will provide the best home for your new baby. 

Kittens and puppies will go home with a care package that will include all of their medical records. All kittens and puppies will be spayed/ neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and healed from all wounds/ injuries before going home with their new family. Kittens will also be FELV/FIV tested.

Adoption fees for kittens are $75* and puppies are $125

(*Adoption fees are subject to change*)

Adoptable Kittens

Moo & Tippy

Moo & Tippy are Bi-Color kittens that are about 8 weeks old. Moo is very outgoing and talkative, while Tippy can be more reserved at first and very playful. Both are sweet as ever! Both we’re bottle fed since they were 1 week old. Moo and Tippy were found on the hot pavement, sunburnt and barely alive. Both are now mushy, happy, healthy floofs looking for their furever home. 


Walgreens was found hiding in a bush outside of Walgreens. She’s the sweetest thing ever. She readily offers head bumps and has the cutest squeaks. 

Aurora and Maleficent

Aurora and Maleficent come from 2 very different places. Aurora (siamese) was found by a Good Samaritan. Aurora was hit by a car and had to have surgery to repair her jaw. Maleficent (long haired tuxedo) was found hiding in a car engine in front of a friend’s house. Both of these girls are very playful and sweet but are shy and need a special person to love them. 

Too Young/ Ill To Go Home Yet

The Avengers Kitties

After a severe hoarding situation was found in a small house, LemonAide Rescue stepped up to help these 8 kittens. They are all suffering from upper respiratory infections, skin infections, and some of their eyes had abscessed. They we be available for adoption when they feel better 

Ariel, Sebastian, and Scuttle

Believe it or not, that orange kitten is a girl, Ariel! Her and her brothers (Sebastian and Scuttle) are currently being bottle fed and will be available in a few weeks. 


These puppies are only weeks old and are still being bottle fed. There’s 1 boy and 6 girls. 

Mufasa, Hero, and Esperanzo

Mufasa, Hero, and Esperanzo are 3 beautiful little tabbies that were rescued from Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. These boys are fighting off a little cold right now but’s will be available for adoption very soon!