Adoptable Pets

I'm so happy that you're interested in adding a pet to your family! Please look at all the very adoptable pets we have right now. If anyone catches your eye, send me an email at so we can talk more. 

The adoption process is very simple: We will chat for a little bit about which baby you are interested in and set up a time to come meet the baby. At time of adoption, there will be a contract that you must sign stating that you will provide the best home for your new baby. 

Kittens will go home with a care package that will include all of their medical records. All kittens will be spayed/ neutered, vaccinated, FELV/FIV tested, dewormed, microchipped, and healed from all wounds/ injuries before going home with their new family. 

Adoption fees for kittens are $75*

(*Adoption fees are subject to change*)

Adoptable Kittens

Chevy Maserati

Chevy Maserati is a beautiful tuxedo kitten. She is such a lover and demands attention. Definit of a lap cat. She was saved from TWO car engines! She was pulled from a Chevy that had been driving around with her for 20+ miles but was scared of her rescuers and ran into a Maserati. From there, she realized people were cool and has been a wonderful cat every since. 


Chef is a very pretty tuxedo kitten. She was found behind a restaurant, being fed scraps. When she came to me, she was nervous but still happy enough to purr and make biscuits. She's a little shy at first but loves attention and chin scratches so much she warms up pretty fast!


Pandora is a beautiful tabby girl. She is only about 6 weeks old and is as spunky as can be. She looks like she might grow up to be a long haired tabby. She's very playful and loves to give kisses. She got her name because she will try to meow, but nothing ever really comes out. She's got the looks and the personality!

Courage the Cowardly Cat

Courage the Cowardly Cat is a handsome tuxedo who is about 5 weeks old. A friend of mine found him running across a highway, into a bush, terrified. He has turned into such a little lover. He loves to stand on your shoulder. He can be a little reserved but is always ready for pet  


Moo is a Bi-Color kitten at about 5 weeks old. She is very outgoing, talkative, and loving. She (and her sister Tippy) was bottle fed since she was 1 week old. Moo and Tippy were found on the hot pavement, sunburnt and barely alive. Luckily, they are both doing wonderful! 


Tippy is a Bi-Color kitten at about 5 weeks old. She is more reserved and quiet, but oh so loving. She (and her sister Moo) was bottle fed since she was 1 week old. Tippy and Moo were found on the hot pavement, sunburnt and barely alive. Luckily, they are both doing wonderful today!

In The Nursery


Harvey is about 1 week old and not ready for adoption yet. 


Irma is only 3 days old and not ready for adoption just yet. 


Harley Quinn (ADOPTED!)

Harley Quinn is a female torti who was brought here on April Fool's Day after a Good Samaritan found her in the Coral Square Mall parking lot. She was only a few weeks old and had to be bottle fed. Harley is now a playful, crazy, lovable kitten!

Toyota Corona (ADOPTED!)

Toyota Corona was pulled from a Toyota Corolla on Cinco de Mayo by a Good Samaritan. She is gray and white, about 8 weeks old now. She is a purring machine who is very food motivated. She is a very calm kitty. 

Skid-Smudge (ADOPTED!)

Skid- Smudge is a little floofy black kitten that a Good Samaritan found under a bush. He came in with a traumatic injury to his rectum, partially paralyzed tail, and limping on his hind leg. He is almost 100% healed and will have a very normal, happy kitty life. He loves to give head bumps and is a little lover.